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Custom USB and Storage Media Devices

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Custom USB and storage media devices are quickly becoming the go-to medium for those looking to advertise their business. In the age of digital files, images, music, and video, a storage media device is always a welcomed promotional item. By creating custom USB or other storage media devices, potential customers and current clients will be reminded of your business every time the device is used. Customizing the media storage device of choice is key to branding.

Promote Your Brand

Marketing and advertising are key functions leading to sales. The number of people aware of your product or service is directly proportional to the number of inquiries, and therefore to sales and company profits. There are countless ways to promote a product or service, but the key to successful promotion is in awareness of the brand and reminders of products and services. Branded USB and storage media devices are ideal solutions as their usefulness is only increasing with the advent of technology and popularity of digital files.

Don’t Be a Burden

There’s nothing worse than having a promotional item handed to you that doesn’t matter. Bulky beverage coolers and magnetic bookmarks simply aren’t convenient enough to be used more than once, and generally as a joke. Custom USB and storage devices are used daily by millions and they always seem to be in short supply. To really get noticed and get the message out there, take advantage of the small portable devices able to transport digital media while promoting your business.


When choosing an device for promotional purposes, it’s important to select an item upon which your logo and website can be printed. Custom USB and storage devices are available in a wide assortment of sizes and colours, and the colour range for logos and company information is almost limitless. Make the most of your custom storage device and make a splash with customers and clients.


In addition to being an incredibly useful and practical promotional tool, USB and storage devices offer businesses the opportunity to include any information, media, marketing and advertising materials, website links, or software that may pertain to the business in question. It’s far more convenient and practical than printing flyers, and the possibilities for items to include outnumber traditional flyers or promotional items in countless ways. Dependable and experienced companies like Duplium are able to mass produce printed custom USB devices with information already loaded for a very reasonable price.
Printed pens as promotional items are relics of the past. The growing use of smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and other portable electronics in conjunction with the popularity of digital media makes custom USB and storage devices the perfect promotional tool. Be sure that your company’s efforts aren’t tossed in the nearest trashcan. Provide any and all marketing or advertising materials to the masses on a preloaded customized USB or storage device. Give potential and current customers something of value that will be frequently used. They’ll be reminded of the products and services provided by your company every time a file is transferred.
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